Friday, June 21, 2013

Monster Concert 2013

It's that time of year again---time for Monster Concert at the U.  
Every year the piano area at the University has a giant fundraising concert where they put a whole bunch of pianos on stage and have students play fun songs all at the same time.  

This year's theme was Academy Award nominated songs.  Caleb's studio was asked to play the song "Suddenly" from the movie Les Miserables.  Caleb was a bit disappointed when he saw the music as it was really really easy, but his teacher said it wasn't a big deal and he had other harder things he was working on anyway.  

It is hard to put so many students on stage of varying skills and levels, so often not everyone even gets to play all the parts.  Sometimes they have students share pianos and only get to play 1 hand.  
Caleb got his own piano this year, but he didn't get to play everything.  They split up different parts for different students.

Caleb had lots of fun though as always.  He just hopes next year will be a fancier song.

Here is video from the song they played;

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