Monday, June 3, 2013

Caleb Creates his very 1st Church Song Piano Arrangement

Is it true?
Caleb has been so inspired by all the different hymn arrangements that he has been playing for his "Sundays @ 6" that he decided to create his own hymn arrangement!

Caleb is kind of silly and often likes to take nice friendly songs and put them in a minor key to make them sound kind of "Halloweenish".  Well, that is slightly what he did here.  

He decided to arrange the hymn "Love at Home" by starting in a minor key and then transposing it into major.  He said it was to symbolize how the home can be an unhappy place but then can change for the better with love.  

Here is his 1st piano hymn arrangement, Love at Home:

Don't forget about Caleb's other blog for "Sundays @ 6" where he plays a different church song arrangement every week.  He plays so many beautiful hymn and other church song arrangements.  They are really beautiful!  

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