Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caleb Plays in Church

Recently, Caleb played the piano in church for all of the congregation. He played a song arranged by composer Aaron Waite entitled "Be Still My Soul". He did a great job.
Here is a little video of him playing just one verse and the 2nd ending at home:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Piano Evaluations and UMTA's Honors Recital

Caleb participated in the Utah Music Teacher's Associations Piano Evaluations in October. It is where students play one or two songs and get evaluated by a couple of judges to get some performance feedback.

Caleb loves doing this. He participated last year where he received his very first certificate with a gold seal on it to hang on his wall. Of course he got another one this year!

It is not a competition, however the judges will pick about 70 kids out of Utah who they think are the best to perform at that year's annual conference.

This year, they chose Caleb!

How excited he was that he was going to get to perform. It was going to be held at a big University in November. Caleb played 2 songs at Piano Evaluations, but they only wanted one song to be played at their performance and they chose his ever so practiced Sonatina 3 by Clementi.

We made the trip up to Weber State University for Caleb to perform.

Caleb loved that it had a big map to tell you where to go.

He also loved the giant statues. Here he poses with one of his sisters and his brother who were good sports to come along and support him.

He got to play in a ballroom with a fancy piano on stage. He says the piano bench was particularly heavy that he was trying to scoot up. Here is his performance:

He played with about 12 other kids, of course Caleb always seems to be that littlest one compared to all the others.

And, how exciting for him that he gets another gold seal certificate!!! This time it is for Outstanding Solo Performance!

Congrats to Caleb!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Piano Recital and Duets

Caleb performed in his fall piano recital this week. He played Knight Rupert by Schumann for his solo piece:

And then for the first time he played in some piano duets with another student. Poor Caleb had bad allergies that night and so you can see him during the last song struggling not to sneeze. It's kind of funny, but he held it in and it didn't affect his playing!