Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is Caleb's Blog

This is a blog dedicated to Caleb, our 5 year old piano player. He loves to play so much for an audience that we have given him his own blog to where he can play as much as he wants for all those who want to hear.

Check back every once in a while for new performances or to show all your friends what a cute little piano player our Caleb is.

From Very Beginning to Now.....

Here was Caleb at 4 years old when we first introduced him to the piano and showed him a few notes to play:

And then here was only 2 months later when we realized he had a gift playing "Chinese Dance" from the nutcracker:

And then here he is today where he prints out The Entertainer off the internet and plays such a long song: (Oh, and pardon the slowness, but he was trying to show me how he could play more slowly because normally he tends to play so fast and at a rhythm all of his own--hence the head bopping...)

We love to hear him play. He gives us chills. It's not that he's perfect, and it's not that he doesn't make mistakes, but as I keep reminding my husband, he's 5! And look at him! He learned this all on his own!