Tuesday, July 29, 2008

From Very Beginning to Now.....

Here was Caleb at 4 years old when we first introduced him to the piano and showed him a few notes to play:

And then here was only 2 months later when we realized he had a gift playing "Chinese Dance" from the nutcracker:

And then here he is today where he prints out The Entertainer off the internet and plays such a long song: (Oh, and pardon the slowness, but he was trying to show me how he could play more slowly because normally he tends to play so fast and at a rhythm all of his own--hence the head bopping...)

We love to hear him play. He gives us chills. It's not that he's perfect, and it's not that he doesn't make mistakes, but as I keep reminding my husband, he's 5! And look at him! He learned this all on his own!


Rachel & Brian said...

wow..thats pretty impressive!

Summie said...

Way to go Caleb! You are so Awesome! the Piano is so hard to learn but I know you can do it!