Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caleb Plays the Grand Plexiglass Piano at the Fancy Restaurant--A Dream Come True

There is a very fancy restaurant here that is set on the very top floor of a building which over looks all of downtown. It is very nice and is home to a very fancy plexiglass piano, which is like a regular grand piano, but the whole top part is transparent glass. A few years ago, Caleb's parents went there for their anniversary. When Caleb saw pictures of this piano and heard about how people would play this grand piano as their job and get paid for it, he was so excited.

From that day on Caleb has talked about how much he wanted to go work at this restaurant when he grew up and how he would get to play on their big fancy see through piano.
Caleb dreamed of working playing the piano to pay for his college at the University School of Music.

We just kept telling him to keep practicing and maybe someday he could do that.

Well, for Caleb's 8th birthday, he got a very happy surprise.

The very nice people at the restaurant agreed to let Caleb come and play their big piano! How happy and proud he was to go in there and play all his fun songs on the see through piano. He absolutely loved it!

He played about 10 different songs; Everything I Do, Piano Man, Goodnight Lullabye, Listen to Your Heart, Only Hope, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Hallelujah, Be Still My Soul, Silent Night, and then he finished with a grand finale of his Sonatina.

It was so cute to look over and see this little boy on this huge piano!

The restaurant workers were so nice! They sang him Happy Birthday and gave him a little treat. Caleb did so well. He almost looked natural sitting there on that big fancy piano.

Here are some little video bits from his night:

He did have some challenges turning pages and keeping his books to stay open:

It was a big piano, and the bench was also made out of this plexiglass material so it didn't adjust. Caleb could hardly reach the pedals as you can see from this video where he is sitting at the end of the seat stretching to reach:

I'm sure the restaurant just loved getting all 6 verses of Hallelujah as well! Don't worry, I only recorded one here:

Caleb said this was the best birthday ever!

What a cute kid! Happy Birthday Caleb!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Singing with the Piano!

All of the sudden Caleb has began taking a great interest with being an accompanist and even singing himself with the piano. He absolutely loves to learn and play songs that someone can sing while he plays.

He learned to play Billy Joel's Lullabye song so his dad could sing it with him:

but then that didn't seem enough, he found out another new song he could play called Hallelujah that he could sing WITH his Daddy:

Now he just sings and plays all the time!