Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Performances

Caleb had a very very busy Christmas season of performing this year. He was asked to play in 3 church Christmas programs, and once at another church. Besides that, he played at Maceys several times, his Great Grandma's nursing home, and he had a piano recital at a fancy house up behind the capitol building.

It wasn't always fun though. One important day where he had 2 performances scheduled, Caleb got really really sick and so missed his church Christmas program, but still made it to his recital that night although he felt really awful. He threw up just a half hour before his recital, but he still played. It turned out alright, although he wasn't well. Just think of how much better he can play when he is feeling good!

Here is a video from his recital performance:

He played an old Christmas favorite for a stake Christmas program. Here he is at home running through the piece:

He did get to reschedule his piano number to the day after Christmas to play in church since he was sick for the Christmas program. They were very nice to do that for him. He also played it in his aunt's church earlier in the month.

Here he plays an arrangement of Silent Night:

This year Caleb has teamed up with his brother who plays guitar.

They played a little duet of "What Child is This" for a Christmas program dinner. Here is a video of them practicing at home:

Then, of course, he can't miss playing at Maceys. They didn't have a nice grand piano this year to play on, but he made do with what they had. His brother came along as well for a few numbers.

The piano wasn't very big, and not very loud, but he did manage to play alright. Here's a fun new song he learned that he played called "Linus and Lucy" otherwise knows as "the Snoopy Song".

Caleb had an awesome Christmas season and loved performing! Now for a bit of a break. There aren't any performances, competitions, or recitals for a while. Just time to practice practice practice!