Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Christmas Performances

Caleb's favorite time of year is Christmas, probably because that is when he performs the most.  
Caleb played in his winter recital, performed many times at Maceys often with his brother and sister, and then also at the ITC After Christmas concert in downtown Salt Lake City.

For his winter recital he played a new song he's been learning, Haydn's Sonata in D major.  It was a little tricky actually because it's the same Haydn Sonata that is mixed with a Christmas carol that he played for his Christmas Countdown, so often he would play it and start playing the Christmas part instead!  He really had to think, but here it is:

He had a great time at Maceys playing the piano.  They let him accept tips and it is how Caleb earns money every year to put into savings.

At the ITC Concert Caleb played a few numbers and then he played a song with all his siblings.

This was a really neat arrangement that everyone sort of worked on together.  They took a Christmas song that had some piano and guitar arrangement, but they worked with it to create a more unique guitar part for older brother, a violin part for sister, and even a hand bell for youngest sister.  

Here is their performance on stage:

It really was a wonderful Christmas season!  

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