Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Caleb Plays a FULL 3-movement Piano Concerto with Live Orchestra!!!

A while ago Caleb began learning the 1st movement of Bach's Concerto in F Minor.  He was hoping to play it for a concerto concert in the fall, but then it never happened.  So, he began learning the 2nd movement.  Well, he might as well learn the 3rd movement as he had gotten so far, and so he did.  In a few short months Caleb had learned a complete concerto and he was invited to perform it in a Concerto Concert up at the University of Utah.

He was so excited!!  A year ago Caleb had played in his first concerto concert with live orchestra performing Mozart's Concerto in C Major the 3rd movement, which he did spectacular as a little 9 year old. If you have forgotten how awesome he did, here is the video:

That particular piano concerto was about 6 1/2 minutes long, but now he was going to play a full 3 movement concerto.  How exciting!  Caleb was so excited he made up fliers to pass out at school!

His elementary school was very nice.  They knew how important this concert was to Caleb and so they allowed him to practice on their pianos at school after lunch and during other free time at school.  

He got to rehearse with the orchestra just once before the big concert and only for about 15 minutes! 

He wasn't worried though. He had worked hard.

The night of the big concert had come, and Caleb was excited to perform!  Again he wore his tails!
He still doesn't quite reach the floor with his feet, so he brought his step stool to make sure he could be balanced for such a long performance.

For luck, his mom gave him a Superman pin to wear on his tux.  If you look closely you can see it.

The time came and he performed beautifully!  Even at the beginning there was a man in the back of the audience who dropped a heavy camera stand making a loud banging noise, but it did not distract Caleb.  He was focused!

Here is the video from his performance:

He did so well!  Even his teacher thought so.  She thought he looked pretty dapper in his dark glasses as well.

Congratulations Caleb!  Now he had 2 live performances with orchestra under his belt even as a young man only 10 years old.  

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