Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Caleb Creates "Caleb's Musical Christmas Countdown"

Caleb has really got into this online uploading of his videos with his Sundays @ 6, that he decided to do another fun thing for Christmas.  He decided to create a 12 days of Musical Christmas Countdown where he would play a song every day starting on 12 days before Christmas.  

A different Christmas song arrangement every day?  Woh, this was going to take some planning.  The Christmas season is very very busy for Caleb already as he was already booked to play the grand piano at Maceys several days, and plus there were Christmas concerts and recitals....but Caleb was really excited, so we scheduled it all out and worked hard to make it happen.  

Caleb played many wonderful songs in his 12 day countdown, many of which he invited his brother and sisters to sing or play with him.  

Here they are days 1 to 12:

Day 1:
A really neat arrangement mix of Fur Elise with We 3 Kings:

Day 2:
He invited his sister to play her piece Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella:

Day 3:
Another great mix of Joy to the World played in the style of Haydn's Sonata in D;

Day 4:
He invited his sister to sing with him in Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus:

Day 5:
Another great classical carol mix of Silent Night and Claire de Lune:

Day 6:
Caleb lets his baby sister get in on the fun with Christmas Bells are Ringing:

Day 7:
Deck the Halls with his sister on violin and brother on guitar:

Day 8:
He accompanies his brother on guitar with O Holy Night:

Day 9:
Caleb really loves these classical carols by Carolyn M. Taylor.  Here's It Came Upon a Midnight Clear mixed with Chopin's Nocturne 9/2:

Day 10:
Caleb lets Jewelia play her piece Still Still Still on violin.  This was a tough one as she just learned shifting:

Day 11:
Caleb had to get in a jazzy piece somewhere.  Here is Santa Claus is Coming to Town:

And finally day 12!!!
He ends with everyone's favorite O Holy Night:

WOW!  Just uploading these songs makes me tired!  Really it was a big challenge, and you have to realize that Caleb often found a song to play the day of and didn't have much time if any to practice a song before it was uploaded.  So, maybe these songs weren't the most polished, but we hope you enjoyed them as we did.

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