Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Caleb Performs at the University of Utah's Piano Area Centennial Celebration

Woh, it's a mouthful, but Caleb was asked to perform at a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Piano Area at the University of Utah.  There was a fancy luncheon where many donors and faculty of the University Piano department came and told of the success and future of the Piano Area.  They had 4 students of various ages invited to perform a number, and they asked Caleb to come play his Sparks, as they heard he had been honored by the Utah Symphony Youth Guild.

Caleb was the youngest student, but he did a wonderful job!  Even the chair of the piano area said it was an "expert performance"!  Caleb was so happy to hear that!  

The luncheon and performances were held in this sort of central atrium within the University's Music Building across from the Concert Hall.  While he was playing his piece, although we did not see it, another person in the audience informed us that there was a small group gathering along the side windows and doors.  Apparently when Caleb had started to play, some students outside in the surrounding hallways were listening and when they looked through the windows to see who was playing they were amazed and started waving other students over to see.  By the end of the piece, Caleb had several groups of college students watching in awe at this little boy who could play such a complex song.  

Here is Caleb's performance of Sparks by Moszkowski;

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