Thursday, February 14, 2013

With a Little Help from my Friends

Sometimes Caleb likes to have a little help from his friends to play songs.  This meaning, sometimes he does songs with his brother and sisters.  His sister plays violin and likes to sing, and his older brother likes to sing and play guitar.  So, occasionally they get together and have some fun.  

Although it is hard to work together with your siblings, especially when one wants to play one speed and the other another, they usually work it out.  

Caleb and his brother and sister were asked to be part of a concert at the Downtown library.  He played a few pieces and then accompanied his sister on violin. 

Here's a short clip of part of their song;

Caleb played an awesome duet with his older brother on guitar as well.

We didn't get a very good video at the concert, but we recorded at home a little later. 
Here is their awesome rendition of the Beatles "Let it Be";

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