Thursday, February 14, 2013

University Piano Competition Time Again

Every Summer, Caleb takes part in a piano competition at the University of Utah. It is a really fun competition where they have a solo performance competition the first day, and then the second day they have all sorts of skills tests you can compete in.  These are tests like sight reading, theory, keyboard skills, or quick study (where they give you a new piece of music that you have to learn and then perform the next day without any help).  

Caleb loves to compete in this every year.  This time he competed in the solo competition, theory test, sight reading, and quick study.  There is some pretty tough competition in the theory test area, and we have found that the sight reading and quick study tests are really easy, so it makes it tougher competition because most kids can do them without any problems.  So, a lot of the time it is a tough decision as to who wins what when all the students can do it close to the same level.  We just hope he gets lucky and picks up a few awards.  

For solo competition, Caleb has been working on a song by Moszkowski called Etincelles, or "Sparks".  Here is a video of him practicing at home for the competition;

Along with Sparks, Caleb played Bach's Fugue, that he played at his last recital.  

The morning before competition, Caleb realized that there were some repeats and phrases that he had never really repeated during lessons or practicing, but he knew the judges would take off points if he didn't do them.  We were a little worried that Caleb would forget during competition, but he didn't!  He went in there and did an awesome job.  

The next day he did his skills tests and did a great job too.  He was competing along with about 12 other students, but in the end he did pretty well.

Caleb won 3rd place in the solo competition, and then got an Honorable Mention in the Theory test and Quick Study.  That meant 3 new certificates to hang on the wall!  Caleb also won a little bit of money this year and a gift certificate to use at the music store.

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