Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little West Side Story

Somehow this post got lost in the mix, but we still wanted to share it even though it happened a while ago.  

Back in May, yep, that's last May 2012, Caleb was in another Monster Concert at the University.  A monster concert is where they put up to 14 different pianos on the big stage and they they have big groups of piano students all play on them at the same time, sometimes even 2 students per piano.  Each year they have a different theme.  

This year's theme was "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly".  The concert was going to be full of songs from superheros, villians, and then maybe some really ugly songs?  Not sure about that last part.  

Anyway, Caleb's group was going to be covering songs from West Side Story.

He dressed up for the part.  This is his "gang" look;

He was supposed to be in one of the gangs from the musical/movie called the "Jets".  He thought he was pretty cool, even so much that his scar from his arm surgery seemed to make a J and so he turned it into a sort of "Jets" tattoo.

It's kind of tough coordinating a whole bunch of pianos and even more students to play all at the same time different parts, but they worked it out.  Here is a little snipit of some of the music he played;

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