Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caleb's School Wax Museum

Caleb had a school "Wax Museum" toward the end of the the year where he was supposed to pick a famous person in Utah history to dress up like and give a little monologue.  While they suggested all these regular Utah famous people in history, Caleb wanted to pick someone a little more unique.  

He chose to be Grant Johannesen, a famous concert pianist who was born in Utah.  
As he learned about Grant Johannesen, it turned out he was a lot like Caleb.  Johannesen had started piano around the age of 5 when his next door neighbor, a piano teacher, discovered him.  She had heard someone next door "copying or imitating" her practicing, and so angrily she went over to demand who was making fun of her, and it was a little 5 year old boy that would listen to her play and then copy it on the piano himself.  Johannesen went on to do many great things and tour all over Europe performing with some of the greatest orchestras.  

Caleb dressed up in his suit and tails and although he wanted to have a better prop, they wouldn't allow him to have anything as big as a real sized piano, so he improvised and brought a little keyboard.  

Caleb did a great monologue and we were proud of him for not only doing a great job in school, but for really following along Johannesen's footsteps in his own life of learning and loving the piano.  

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