Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caleb the Composer

Caleb loves playing the piano, but he also likes to compose some of his own music.  Now he is still pretty amateur, but he has written 3 of his own songs for piano which have all won at his school arts contests each year.  He also wrote a little song for both piano and violin to play with his sister in which he won second place in a composition competition in Park City.  

Recently, he tried something else. 

A friend asked if he and his sister would come and play a particular church song for her during her church lesson.  When Caleb looked at the song, it was a little too "simple" for him.  She wanted him to play a song and have his sister play with him on violin, so he looked at a violin arrangement with piano accompaniment in his sister's violin book, but he thought it was too simple as well.

He loves a local composer/arranger named Aaron Waite who arranges church hymns and children's songs. He found a fancy little arrangement of the church song by him that he liked, but it did not have a violin part to go with it.  So, Caleb decided that he could just write his own little arrangement for violin to go with Aaron Waite's piano arrangement.  And, he did this all the Saturday evening before he and his sister were to play it at his friend's church the next morning.  

Amazingly enough, Caleb created a cute little violin part that his little sister could pick up overnight.  How proud he was to be able to upload this video where it could say it wasn't just arranged by Aaron Waite, but that the "violin part was arranged by Caleb Spjute".  Also so excited he was when Aaron Waite himself heard the arrangement and posted on Caleb's page that it was "very very VERY cool!"  

Caleb is still learning as a composer, but arranging music might be his new found talent.  Here he is with his sister performing Aaron Waite's arrangement of a song by Mildred Tanner Petit and also arranged by Caleb himself!


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