Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caleb at Competition

Caleb took part in the SLC Piano Competition again this year, and this time he took home 2 awards!

He competed in 3 different categories, and won in 2 of them.  He got a 3rd place medal for playing his Prelude and Fugue in the classical division,

And, he took an Honorable Mention in the modern division for the "All of Me".

From this competition we learned that there were a lot of very skilled pianists who were all very technical and exact in their playing.  While Caleb works hard and can do well with technical pieces, the other kids were playing easier pieces.  Caleb likes to take on the big pieces, so it may take some time for his little hands to match up to the hugeness of the songs that he plays.  He was the best entertainer we thought.  He might not be perfect or as exact in his playing as some of the other young pianists, but he really was enjoyable and the most fun to watch!  

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