Monday, February 6, 2012

Caleb, A Keyboard, and Some Pirates

Caleb was very lucky this Christmas.  He got a full sized 88 keys electric keyboard from Santa Claus!
What a wonderful present so he could practice in his room or play his songs without disturbing anyone else if he wanted to!

While it does have a synthesizer that can change the sounds a bit, this keyboard has weighted keys so it can have the same feel as a real piano and so you can play dynamics just as well.

Caleb was so excited, he wanted to play some Pirates of the Caribbean on it right away.
Of course, he had to change the sound to "harpsichord".



Sally and Paul said...

Arrgh Mattie, that was great!!!

Sally and Paul said...

Arrgh, Mattie , that was great piano playing!!

pvheming said...

I'm proud of you Caleb!
Question, how can you see what you're playing while wearing that eye patch?