Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Performances 2011

2011 brought the opportunity for Caleb to give many Christmas performances.  He got to play at Maceys once again during the holiday season.  

This time he shared some of his time performing with his brother and sisters.

Sometimes he would accompany on piano while his brother played guitar,

sometimes he would accompany his sister with her violin,

sometimes he would accompany his littlest sister while she sang,

and sometimes it would just be Caleb.

Here is a video of one of his songs as we set the camera up on one of the check stands so you can see what it was like as people passed by.

He had so much fun and earned some nice tip money to put in the bank to pay for college.

Besides Maceys, Caleb played at a nursing home for his great grandma, and also he was invited to perform at a church Christmas party to be in charge of all the entertainment.  

They even asked him to play in church on Christmas Sunday.  We couldn't record in church, but here is the song he played that we recorded of him playing it the day before at Maceys:

It really was a great holiday for Caleb!

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