Thursday, February 9, 2012

Caleb's New Year's Concert Downtown

Caleb loves playing the piano, but when he isn't doing that, he loves to study maps!  He has been asking for maps and atlases and getting them for his birthday and Christmas since he was 4 years old!  This Christmas he got the Salt Lake City Street Guide, perfect to direct him to his next concert in downtown Salt Lake City!  

He was asked to participate in a concert as a sort of New Year's Celebration at the downtown Salt Lake City Library.  Caleb prepared to play 4 different songs.  He was going to start out with a classical piece, but then stop midway through to do some "more entertaining" pieces.  He had a whole skit he was going to do.  First, he would play part of Mozart's Sonata K545, then he would play the Snoopy Song, then Billy Joel's Goodnight My Angel, then Pirates of the Caribbean.  

He was really excited and did pretty well, although he forgot the Snoopy Song so that got skipped.  Caleb was happy to play in this concert because it would be his last performance before he went in for surgery on his right arm the following day.  

Here is a clip of his "Goodnight My Angel" song;


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