Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Piano Trek 2012 Continued.....Finding the 10th Piano!

Well, we did go back downtown to hunt for the 10th and final piano and we found it!  

This one sat right in front of a bar, so we sat back by the homeless man looking for free beer and listened to Caleb play a little "bar song".

Since it was the last time we would be downtown before they took away all the pianos, Caleb had some fun walking back and playing on a couple of the pianos he had discovered before.  

He had lots of fun finding the downtown maps and hanging out with his sister.

He played an old song on the piano in front of the Nordstrom building and then we went along home.

Piano Trek 2012 was some of the best time Caleb had ever had.  Too bad they don't leave pianos around downtown all the time.

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Inchwormart said...

I haven't seen your blog for awhile Caleb...it looks like you had a great summer. Kathy