Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Caleb Wins at WestFest!

Caleb auditioned to be part of a talent competition this summer in West Valley City, Utah.  They chose him to compete although he was going to be the youngest one in the junior division.  He would be a part of the Junior Talent Showcase for what the city called "WestFest".  WestFest is like a big carnaval that the city does as part of it's "West Valley Days" where they celebrate the heritage of their city.  
It was a little bit of a drive, but Caleb loves performing and so he was excited to go.

He played the Jon Schmidt "All of Me" where he bangs his arms on the piano.  
He had some tough competition (plus they were all older), but he did an awesome job.  He stole the show!

Here's the video of his performance:

In the end, he ended up winning 2nd place! 

Not only that, but he was given $100 to go with his prize!  

AND, for winning, he was invited to come back and perform on stage for the next 2 nights as part of a "Winner's Showcase".  

Caleb had the best time!  
He sure loves performing!

(Here's the part where he bangs his arms on the piano that we tried to capture on camera:)

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