Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Think of Me.....Caleb turns 9!

Caleb has gotten so old now!  We can't believe he has turned 9 years old!  It seems like only yesterday that he was a cute little 4 year old crawling up on the piano bench and teaching himself how to play.  

He had a lot of fun at his birthday photo shoot throwing sheet music around trying to make it artsy.  

Sometimes we've wondered if he was going to lose interest in piano or get sick of practicing, but it seems like his love for piano continues.  His sight reading is incredible.  He can pick up most piano arrangements and just play right off.  

Lately, he has been having fun with some easier arrangements.  He borrowed a book from his friend Dorothy who he played the duet with and played some music from Phantom of the Opera.

Here is "Think of Me":

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