Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Church Duet with Dorothy

This past Sunday Caleb was finally able to play the duet in church with his friend Dorothy who plays the flute.  She came over to practice on Saturday night so we could get a video:

On Sunday morning Caleb woke up early sick and throwing up!  We didn't know what to do.  We didn't want to upset Dorothy.  We knew she had invited lots of her family to come hear her play, and Caleb wanted to play as well.

Luckily, Caleb went back to bed and slept for a few hours.  When he woke up, he was feeling somewhat better and he wanted to go to church, so we let him get dressed and get ready to go.  He didn't feel the best, but he went and played and they both sounded great!  

Many people were commenting and asking us what was wrong with Caleb.  "Did performing make him so nervous that he got sick now?"   "Did he not like to play in church anymore?"  No.  He was just sick and worn out a bit.  We took him home afterward and he rested.  Caleb still loves to play and he doesn't get nervous or sick before a performance.  It has seemed like there have been a few times when Caleb has gotten sick the weekend of a competition or recital.  Just coincidences though.  We think he has a somewhat  sensitive stomach and usually the days he's gotten sick he has had a lot of junk to eat.  Caleb is still learning that he can't eat so much sugar or sweets or rich foods so much.   

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