Saturday, April 30, 2011

Caleb Visits His Favorite Concert Pianist (besides his teacher of course)

Almost a year ago, Caleb met a young man named Josh Wright who he had seen and heard about on the internet and from what was called "Josh Wright Piano TV". He was at the Summer Arts Awards Ceremony when he first was introduced, and then later at the Summer Arts Winners Recital at the University of Utah, he got to talk with him some more.

Caleb so admired this young pianist. He had been playing piano for a long time, even when he was a little boy just like Caleb. Caleb wanted to be just like this pianist.

Over the last year Caleb began leaving comments on Josh Wright's facebook fan page and they began to comment to each other back and forth. Caleb watched as Josh became more successful and soon put out a top selling CD. Caleb saw that Josh was in several articles in the newspaper and had many pictures as well. So excited was he, that Caleb just had to go meet Josh again to get his CD and to have it signed as well as his newspaper clippings.

He was so happy to see Josh and to have him sign his CD. Josh told him that he had even gone out and bought a suit vest so that he could look as stylin' as Caleb.

What an inspiration Josh has been to Caleb. He is so talented and yet so grounded, humble and kind. If you haven't heard his music, you should check it out! You can see him on Very talented indeed! Caleb hopes he can be as talented one day!


Kathy said...

Hi Caleb, I enjoyed reading how you met Josh. It's good to meet someone who is a "kindred" spirit, as Anne of Green Gables would say.

Sally and Paul said...

Caleb, I met Josh at Women's conference, and told him you are my grandson. He agreed you are a terrific piano man!!!!