Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amazing Caleb Wins Competition!

Caleb went to a piano competition in Park City to play 2 solo pieces and a concerto. Now, we weren't expecting much if not anything because his age division had been cancelled, but they were allowing him to play with the next older age group just so he could still go and perform.

Really, Caleb is in the 2nd grade age group, but he had to compete in the group for 4th to 7th grade. We were just hoping maybe somebody would be sick, or some people would not show up, and then maybe, just maybe he could get at least an honorable mention.

Here he is before entering the building to perform:

Well, anyway, yes, 1 person cancelled, so we were pretty hopeful for the last place prize, but then we were greatly surprised when they announced Caleb was a finalist to come back and perform in the winners recital that night with his concerto.

Really?! How could that be? OK, so maybe he was just super lucky and they were going to let him have 2nd place, but surely not 1st. I mean, really, these other kids were really good.

But, upon looking at the competition website's results, it only listed Caleb as the finalist and another girl as Honorable Mention. So that was it. It was Caleb as 1st place, and in an age category that he wasn't even old enough to really be in! We were astonished! I mean, true, when he played his concerto for the judge it was soooo good. He only had a small little mistake near the very end, but I guess our Caleb did it!

Here is a picture of Caleb with his wonderful piano teacher who accompanied him for his concerto:

So, back to Park City for the awards ceremony and Caleb performed his concerto:

Now, he got jumbled up on a middle section where he played a few measures too many times, but his scales were just perfect and overall a nice performance.

And then at the end they gave out the awards:

As you can see, Caleb got his very first trophy, and a medal! He was so excited! He said it was the best day ever, and that he loved playing the piano and doing competitions so much that he even liked it better than playing video games! And that is a very big deal.

We're so proud of our little Caleb. Still a little dumbfounded by it all. I mean, no, he's not perfect, and gee, how I wish I could video him when he is actually competing in front of judges because he competes soooo very well, but gee. What an awesome kid! We hope he continues to succeed and excel in his music and can eventually live out his dream of being a professional piano player.

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Kathy said...

Congratulations Caleb! Great pictures of you and your piano teacher.