Monday, April 16, 2012

Caleb Wins Again!

The morning after Caleb had a spectacular evening playing with an orchestra, we packed all up and headed to Park City, Utah to compete in the Con Brio Music Festival.  
Last year Caleb had won 1st place in the Concerto Competition in the age group above his, and to no surprise, this year he did it again!  

Caleb won 1st place Concerto!  
But, not only that, he won 2nd place in the solo competition,
Best Romantic Piece,
2nd Place in Music Composition!

He won 2 certificates and 2 trophies!

The composition he wrote was for both violin and piano.  He made it easy enough so his sister could play it with him.  

He called it "Jewelia's Song".  

Here is a video of them practicing before competition:

Jewelia came with Caleb to the Awards Recital to help play his composition.  
It was really a simple little song, but the audience loved it.  

They also asked Caleb to play his Concerto and Bach's Invention Number 8 for the recital.  So Caleb played 3 different times for the ceremony!

Here he is playing Invention:


What another great year in Park City for Caleb!

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