Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Parties, Senior Centers, and Playing for the Mayor

Caleb was asked by his friend Dorothy to play the piano at her birthday party.  Caleb was more than happy to!  

He played her one of her favorite songs, "Somewhere In Time".

At the party Caleb saw the mayor!

He asked if Caleb would play for the city Senior Center.  Caleb wanted to, and had even offered to play there a year ago, but last year they did not want Caleb to play.  They did not like the idea of an 8 year old playing for their seniors and so they turned us down even though it was all volunteer.

We thought it was kind of sad, but the mayor said that he really wanted Caleb to play there and so he would work it all out.

A few weeks later, Caleb was allowed to come play for them.  He made a program of 10 songs that he would play.

The Mayor even came to watch!

Caleb had fun, and hopefully the senior center liked having him there 
(even if the Mayor had to talk them into it!)

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