Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Caleb's Fall Recital


Caleb had his fall piano recital last week.  He was supposed to have piano lessons at 4:30 but then the recital didn't start until 7, so there was some time to kill in between.  Caleb takes piano lessons downtown and his recital was going to be downtown at the University, so it wasn't worth the time and gas to drive back home in between.  

We went to Paradise Bakery and got some dinner before the recital.

Caleb loves their cookies!

Caleb is working on a fugue, a concerto, and a piece by Debussy right now, but he isn't quite finished learning them, so for his recital he played a song he learned back in the summertime by Schubert.  

Here he is playing March Militaire:

He made a few little mistakes, but overall a good performance.

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