Monday, September 26, 2011

Duets with Little Sister

Here is Caleb at about age 4 and his little sister Jewelia around a year and a half. 
Caleb would begin teaching himself how to play the piano in the next months, but I bet he never thought he'd be accompanying his sister later on. 

Caleb is 8 years old now and his little sister Jewelia is 6 years old and they have become quite the team. 
Although Jewelia has only been playing violin for a short time, she has loved every time she and Caleb can play together.  Caleb enjoys it just as well.  It is good practice at becoming an accompanist and learning that sometimes you must follow another musicians' lead.

Here are a few videos of their recent works:

First, a little "Minuet Duet":

Caleb was so excited that Jewelia was going to play one of his first piano lesson songs, "The Happy Farmer".  It turned out so well:
We look forward to many more performances from the team of Caleb and Jewelia!

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