Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Caleb Wins Big!

Caleb competed in the University of Utah's SummerArts Piano Competition and he won!

Caleb competed in the solo performance category, but then also entered the Sight Reading Skills Test, and the Theory Skills Test.

We figured he had a pretty good chance at placing in the Sight Reading and Theory Test because of the fewer numbers who were competing, but we didn't expect him to place in solo performance because there were a lot who entered and they were kids up to age 10.

How surprised and proud we were when the winners were announced and our little 7 year old Caleb not only placed, but won 1st place Theory, 2nd place Sight Reading, 1st place performance! and then even what they call the "Iron Man" award for best all around with the most points!

He was so cute as he stood up next to all the other kids who had won an award. He was just that little boy on the end.

It was so awesome to watch them announce all the categories and then call all the names and yet it was little Caleb that won in the end! Here's a small clip of his winning moments:

There were some small cash awards and gift certificates to Dayne's Music which he will receive next week, but Caleb was most excited for his certificates! He has always had "participation" certificates, but these are the first actual winning certificates. And to think----4 of them! He was so excited and happy that he wanted them to hang on his wall.

So that's what we did:

Also, the University invited Caleb to play in a "Solo Winners Concert" at the University this next week. His first real concert debut----not just a recital!

We are so proud and happy for Caleb! We know this is just the beginning for our little pianist!

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