Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Piano Recital

Caleb had his Winter piano recital this last week. It was at a big fancy house up above the capitol building. It was nice, but they had the piano turned around back in a corner so all you could see was the top of his little head.

He did really well on both songs. Here he is playing "First Sorrow" by Schumann:

Here is his 2nd song, "The Spinning Song" which he started right off from the first song that used the pedal, so he almost forgot to release it going into Spinning Song.

We had many requests to actually be able to see Caleb when he played the Spinning Song, so here he is at home practicing:

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Kathy said...

BRAVO!!!!! CLAP >< CLAP >< CLAP ><...sensational Caleb. I will send the link to my father...it was once his recital song too...almost six decades ago...just goes to show you, old songs can still be the best songs!!!