Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Transposing Music?

Interesting enough, Caleb doesn't just play the songs he gets by reading the direct music. In this, we mean many times he will take a piece and transpose it into a minor key. Most of us have no idea how to play the song as it is, let alone change the key to be minor.

Here is a familiar song, but he has changed it into a minor key. This is the spring time song "Popcorn Popping", but here it sounds like the scary Halloween version or like a funeral march.

And then how did he even come up with the idea to transpose it or how did he know what notes even make a minor key?


Kathy said...

Caleb, that was terrifc...I love the tones you achieved by transposing to the minor key.

Anonymous said...

That sounded like something from The Nightmare before Christmas. Cool!