Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carol of the Bells on the Grand Piano

Caleb continues to play on the grand piano at Maceys. He always opens with Carol of the Bells. His "BAM!" song as he calls it. It's taken a while to post it on here because we've had to record it several times. Each time we start recording him at Maceys, people are always coming up asking all these details about how old Caleb is and how long has he been taking lessons and other questions. This recording had the least amount of commentary, so I posted this one.

Everyone loves Caleb when he plays at the store. He starts with Carol of the Bells, and always ends with Do You Hear What I Hear which he sings along with. We'll see if we can get a posting of that one later.

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Nick and Rachel said...

Wow! Caleb, that was incredible! You are so talented!!! Maybe when your cousin Cambria is older, you can help teach her how to play! Great job, Caleb!!!