Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dance of the Reed Flutes

Caleb just loves that Nutcracker--Here is his Dance of the Reed Flutes....once he gets past a couple of lousy chords, he does pretty good. If you look closely you might find it interesting to see how his left hand must move up and down on the piano to hit the notes. A normal sized pianist can just stretch their thumb and pinky to reach these notes written, but for Caleb, his hands aren't big enough, so he must move his hand back and forth to reach between the 2. It is like this in a lot of songs he plays. Sometimes if they are chords he has to choose to play the top or bottom part of the chord if he can't reach.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Caleb,

I tried during my lunchtime at work to listen to your latest song, but my computer didn't even show the picture. Too Bad for me.

Anyway, since you like the Nutcraker so much, do you think that you can go see the Utah Ballet Company's show this year?

I will be in Utah Nov. 21st through Nov. 30th, so I hope you can visit me then.